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The Main Performance Characteristics Of Electric Actuators
- Oct 31, 2016 -

1. The electric actuator shell - due to the use of high-quality aluminum alloy, light weight. And the inner and outer surface by anodic oxidation treatment, the outer surface of the polyester powder coating, corrosion resistance.

2. Motor - the use of squirrel-cage motor, the output torque, and built-in thermal protection switch, the temperature control, to prevent damage to the motor.

3. Passive structure - when not energized, the clutch handle can be operated manually. When power is supplied, the clutch is automatically reset.

4. Position Indicator - The indicator is mounted on the central axis to view the position of the valve. And a light to choose from.

5. Dryer - used to control the temperature, to prevent condensation of moisture inside the actuator to maintain the internal electrical components dry.

6. Limit switch - the cam mechanism to control, simple adjustment mechanism can accurately and easily set the location.

7. Sealing performance, the standard product protection class IP67, optional IP68 protection class.

8. Self-locking - a self-locking function to prevent reverse rotation part of the stable and reliable.

9. Installation - the bottom of the installation size in line with ISO5211 international standards, drive sleeve removable according to the need for processing, strong adaptability. Can be installed vertically, can also be installed horizontally.

10. Terminals - line layout is compact and reasonable, terminal diameter of 2.5mm, pressure, solid connection.

11. Worm wheel - with concave wheel design, and the worm contact surface large transmission torque, smooth and wear-resistant, long service life.

12. PCU board - compact structure, the PCU board built-in chassis.