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Part-Turn Electric Actuator Widely Used
- Jul 28, 2017 -

The electric actuator is the execution unit in the electric unit modular instrument. It is a single-phase AC power as the driving force to accept a unified standard DC signal, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the output of the corresponding angular displacement, operating throttle, baffle and other regulatory agencies can be equipped with a variety of electric manipulator to complete the adjustment system "manual - automatic" Disturbance switch, and the remote control of the object to be manipulated, the electric actuator also has electrical limit and mechanical limit double protection to complete the task of automatic adjustment. It is widely used in power, Part-Turn Electric Actuator metallurgy, petrochemical and boiler system Sheung Shui and damper baffle adjustment and other departments are widely used.

The current signal Ii (4-20mA) from the regulator is used as the input of the servo amplifier to compare with the position feedback signal If of the valve. When the difference between the input signal and the feedback signal is not equal to zero, the difference is amplified by the servo amplifier, Part-Turn Electric Actuator The two-phase servo motor is controlled to rotate in the corresponding direction, and then the output shaft is displaced after the gear unit is decelerated. At the same time, the output shaft is displaced and the feedback signal of the valve is converted into the valve by the position transmitter. When the feedback signal is equal to the input signal,Part-Turn Electric Actuator The servo amplifier has no output, the motor does not rotate, the actuator is stabilized at the position corresponding to the input signal. The output axis of the actuator is linearly related to the input signal.

When the electric actuator is to be operated manually,Part-Turn Electric Actuator when the electric manipulator switch is placed in the "manual" position, the motor end knob is set to the "manual" position, pull out the hand wheel on the actuator, shake the handwheel to achieve manual operating. Part-Turn Electric Actuator When not in the local operation, be sure to pay attention to the end of the motor knob to the "automatic" position, and the hand wheel to promote.

When the electric operator switch is placed in the "manual" position, it is in the manual remote control state, the operation as long as the rotary switch were pulled to "open" or "off" position, driving the motor forward or reverse, Actuator output shaft can be achieved on the uplink or downlink action, Part-Turn Electric Actuator during the movement of the motor operator to observe the valve on the opening table, to the required control valve opening, immediately release the switch can be.

When the input signal Iλ1> 0 (or 4mA DC), Part-Turn Electric Actuator the input signal and the system itself, the position feedback current in the servo amplifier pre-stage magnetic amplifier in the magnetic field of the overall comparison, because the two signal size is not equal and pole There is an error in the magnetic field, so that the servo amplifier has sufficient output power to drive the motor, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the actuator output shaft moves toward the direction of reducing the error magnetic potential until the input signal and the position feedback signal are equal When the output shaft is stable at the position corresponding to the input signal.