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Part-Turn Electric Actuator Widely Used
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Valve is an important part of pipeline transportation system, Part-Turn Electric Actuator widely used in electric power, chemical, petroleum and metallurgical industries, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the system pressure, flow and temperature and other parameters to adjust. Electric actuator is an important device for the control and drive of the valve, is the valve to achieve remote control, Part-Turn Electric Actuator centralized control and automatic control of an indispensable implementation of components. With the development of mechanical and electrical integration technology, electric actuators in industrial production reflects a huge advantage. Reliable operation of the valve electric actuator is inseparable from the detection module,Part-Turn Electric Actuator good performance and stable operation Reliable detection module is essential for the safe and stable operation of the valve electric actuator.

Valve electric actuator is mainly composed of man-machine interface, Part-Turn Electric Actuator controller, electric actuator and detection module. The man-machine interface mainly includes liquid crystal display, key input and remote control input. The electric actuators mainly include digital signal processor (DSP), intelligent power module (IPM) and asynchronous motor. The detection module includes power detection, Part-Turn Electric Actuator motor detection and valve inspection.

The man-machine interface can set the operating parameters, send control signals to the controller, and display the various information feedback from the device to complete the real-time monitoring of the system. The controller receives the control signal sent from the man-machine interface, Part-Turn Electric Actuator controls the operation of the electric actuator according to the control signal, real-time detects the feedback signal of the position and the stroke of the valve, adjusts the corresponding control instruction, and the controller can send the control command to the man- Working status and fault diagnosis signal. The electric actuator is the main actuator, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the DSP receives the instruction of the controller, drives the asynchronous motor through the vector control technology, and the motor output shaft is opened and closed by the gear after the gear is decelerated.

The detection module detects the working status of the power supply, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the motor and the valve respectively, and transforms the detected signals into digital signals which can be recognized by the controller. Power supply detection mainly for power phase detection, Part-Turn Electric Actuator asynchronous motor drive voltage and current detection, IPM module temperature detection. Motor detection is mainly carried out motor speed detection, motor rotor position detection, Part-Turn Electric Actuator torque detection, motor and gearbox temperature detection. Valve inspection mainly for valve position detection, valve stroke detection. Part-Turn Electric Actuator Power supply detection and motor detection signal feedback to the DSP for processing, the valve detection signal feedback to the controller MSP430 for processing.

Electric actuator, also known as the valve electric device, Part-Turn Electric Actuator it is in different industries in the field of title, in the industrial pipeline valve industry called the valve electric device, in the instrument industry called electric actuators, but now the industry has no clear distinction, Part-Turn Electric Actuator This article will be referred to as the name of the electric actuator.

Valve in the industrial pipeline control is often used in the important equipment, Part-Turn Electric Actuator electric valve with the development of industrial automation, because the power source is easy to obtain, and under normal circumstances without maintenance advantages, compared to pneumatic, Part-Turn Electric Actuator hydraulic and other different driving methods Equipment usage is more common. In the industrial field electric valve must have a higher reliability and safety, when the valve can guarantee the performance and life of the case, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the safety of electric valves and reliability depends on the electric actuator, so the performance of electric actuators, control level Is the overall performance of electric valve machine technology level. So in the selection of electric actuators in addition to the basic elements must be considered, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the proposed technical requirements to make it possible to maximize the value of electric valve.