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Part-Turn Electric Actuator Widely Used
- Jun 27, 2017 -

Part-Turn Electric Actuator Electric actuators as a process control system in the industrial system is very important on-site drive, widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical and other industries. In the fluid control, such as the valve in the operation of the problem, it will be reflected in the electric actuator. So it also has an identity - "the protector of the valve", its role is reflected in the normal use of the valve monitoring, which is very important point is the torque protection.

As the name suggests, over torque protection means that the electric actuator in the process of running the load torque exceeds the allowable value, should immediately cut off the power or send an alarm signal, and then stop the motor rotation to achieve the protection of the valve while protecting the purpose of the actuator itself The

As a kind of field instrument, the value of electric actuators is more reflected in the stability, reliability and control accuracy. With the development of technology, the requirements of the actuator has long been beyond the stability and reliability of the operation, the control accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher, and over torque protection in the control accuracy occupies a very important position. In China, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the development of electric actuators relatively late, in the over torque protection is reflected more obvious. We tentatively put the development stage according to the development of the situation is divided into three stages: mechanical control over the moment stage, the sensor control over the moment, the sensor control the torque later. In today's rapid technological development, how will our torque protection go?

1 mechanical control over torque phase

China from the late sixties and early seventies began to imitate the former Soviet Union's electric actuators, after 20 years of slow development, to the eighties to produce DKJ-type angle travel, DKZ-type straight electric actuators (China's only production of electric Actuator). At that time, electric actuators in China is still being promoted, only used in a special environment instead of artificial operations, Part-Turn Electric Actuator let alone the torque protection function, can only rely on the design of the motor power to ensure the control of the torque. Later introduced the Bernard electric actuator technology, the emergence of the first over torque protection, the control method is the mechanical control of the torque mode (later described and analyzed is based on the improved control over the torque method). The main components of this way are the torque spring, Part-Turn Electric Actuator transmission parts, Part-Turn Electric Actuator planetary ring gear, torque micro-switch electric actuator with load operation, and the motor connected to the planetary ring gear with the torque transmission, according to the size of the transmission torque , Part-Turn Electric Actuator The lateral force of the shaft is slightly deflected, and the amplitude of the deflection is almost proportional to the magnitude of the torque produced by the load (the calculation is omitted here).