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Part-Turn Electric Actuator Whether You Can Manipulate
- Jun 13, 2017 -

1, Part-Turn Electric Actuator actuator stem no output; A, check whether manual operation is possible. Hand automatic Clutch card die in manual position, the motor will only idling. b, check the motor rotation. C, manual, electric can not operate, may consider is the valve card dead. D, unlock the valve connection part, if the valve is not stuck, check whether the sleeve is dead, slip or loose.

2, in the valve open/full off can not stay in the set of travel position, valve stem and valve body. "Off/Open valve limit Lc Lo" parameter has been lost, should be reset, Part-Turn Electric Actuator or the parameter "moment on/off" to change to "limit on/off".

3, the display valve position is inconsistent with the actual valve position, after the reset, the movement several times, also has the drift, should replace the counter board.

4, the actuator works, but there is no valve position indication, check the counter, maybe the round magnet is broken or the counter board is broken. If the wiring terminal 22/23 does not have the 4-2MA current signal output, may consider replaces (the waiter puts +) the bit back plate.

5, remote control adjustment State, the upper and lower swing can not be positioned, can increase the "Dead zone adjustment parameter FD", but increases this parameter to 20 above does not swing, may replace the waiter put (+ bit back) board; If the failure persists after replacement, Part-Turn Electric Actuator it is recommended that the motor be replaced with a low-speed motor or a threaded pitch of the expansion sleeve and stem.

6, remote control/on-site do not move, or motor unidirectional rotation, can not be limited. Check the hand automatic clutch has no card dead, the motor has not burnt; check whether the electrical wiring is correct or not balance the three-phase power supply

7, remote control/on-site are not action, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the volume of motor windings, overheating protection, electromagnetic feedback open, the motor has burned

8, remote control/on-site is not action, with the set check, fault display: "H1 torque Switch Break"; "H6 no electromagnetic Feedback". Test (solid state) relay does not have output, replace relay control Board or power Board assembly

9, three-phase power supply on the trip, Part-Turn Electric Actuator relay Control Panel problems or motor coil has been burnt.

10, because the power supply voltage is high (400V above), fuse fuse, check the Power Plate silicon rectifier normal, voltage Transformer primary resistance is too low, can replace the power supply plate assembly or power transformer.

11, the background light is not bright, check the three-phase power supply is normal, may be the executor of the fuse has been fused or the motherboard power cord is not plugged in.

12, without load, everything normal, with load,Part-Turn Electric Actuator  open valve normal, close to 40% or so to stop, "close torque value" has been set to 99, with the handwheel can be closed in place, just installed can be shut in place, with a period of time, it is recommended to change the executor of a big file.

13, Manual normal, hand automatic clutch card spring in manual direction card dead. Detachable handwheel, release card spring, reassemble well.

14, actuator remote control/on-site can not move, Part-Turn Electric Actuator on/off in place indicator lights flashing, check the battery voltage is too low. The actuator loses the set parameters when the main power supply is off. Replace the battery and reset.

15, the actuator action is normal, but no valve position feedback, the feedback loop is disconnected, the feedback signal is normal. An external cable failure, replace the cable.

16, actuator action in the process of torque protection break, increase the value of the Open/Guanli setting, the failure remains: check the actuator lubricant is dry, the valve is dead.

17, the valve is not dead, reset the travel limit, Part-Turn Electric Actuator if the reset after the failure is still, then the valve is broken.

18, the executor set and the movement is normal, is cannot surpass certain stroke position. Valve card or gearbox mechanical limit setting is reversed. Manual Check and reset is available.

19, the motion process, the motor vibration, when time to stop, slow speed. Hand automatic clutch is not faulty, should replace (solid) relay, in doing check.

20, the actuator/automatic, the display valve position does not change, the feedback also does not change. The "limit on/off is Lo Lc" parameter cannot be set. Motherboard is bad, Part-Turn Electric Actuator replace the motherboard.

21, the Actuator power supply board is bad, Part-Turn Electric Actuator replace the new power board. After PowerUp found the new power board silicon rectifier block quickly hot, found that the motherboard has a separate original has burnt out, replace the motherboard.

22, Actuator remote control/on-site can not act, do not accept the set signal. The valve position can be displayed when manually. Replace the motherboard, relay control board; maybe the switch is broken, the magnetic steel inside the switch is broken or lost.