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Part-Turn Electric Actuator Technology Development
- Oct 16, 2017 -

As an important field driving device in industrial process control system, electric actuator is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries. Part-Turn Electric Actuator In the fluid control, if the valve in operation problems, will be reflected in the electric actuator. So it also has an identity-"valve protector", its role is reflected in the normal use of the valve monitoring, one of the important point is over torque protection.

As the name implies, over-moment protection means that the electric actuator in the process of operation in the event of a load torque exceeds the allowable value, Part-Turn Electric Actuator should immediately cut off the power supply or alarm signal, and then stop the motor rotation to achieve protection of the valve at the same time to protect the executor itself.

As a kind of field instrument, the value of electric actuator is more embodied in stability, reliability and control accuracy. With the development of technology, the requirement of actuator has already surpassed the stability and reliability of operation, and the requirement of control precision is more and more high, and over torque protection occupies a very important position in control precision. Part-Turn Electric Actuator In China, the development of electric actuator is relatively late, and it is more obvious in the protection of over torque.

Electric actuator with load operation, with the motor connected to the planetary gear ring with the transmission of torque, according to the size of the transfer torque, the axial force appears to be slightly deflected, the amplitude of deflection is almost proportional to the torque generated by the load (specifically calculated here omitted).

So once the load exceeds the maximum allowable value, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the drive part of the two helical cylindrical springs (the moment spring assembly) with balanced forward and reverse two torques mounted on the outer gears of the inner gear is moved around the whole of the torque spring assembly. When the torque is over, the transmission part drives the connecting rod to touch the torque micro-switch action in the direction, generating instantaneous electrical signal. Here there is a problem, Part-Turn Electric Actuator if the electric actuator over the moment only the alarm, it can not meet the actual operational requirements, it is necessary to rely on the control circuit board dedicated relay to assist to complete, so that the electric actuator to stop running.