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Part-Turn Electric Actuator Reliability And Safety
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Electric actuator, also known as the valve electric device, Part-Turn Electric Actuator it is in different industries in the field of title, in the industrial pipeline valve industry called the valve electric device, in the instrument industry called electric actuators, but now the industry has no clear distinction, Part-Turn Electric Actuator This article will be referred to as the name of the electric actuator.

Valve in the industrial pipeline control is often used in the important equipment, electric valve with the development of industrial automation, because the power source is easy to obtain, Part-Turn Electric Actuator and under normal circumstances without maintenance advantages, compared to pneumatic, hydraulic and other different driving methods Equipment usage is more common. In the industrial field electric valve must have a higher reliability and safety, when the valve can guarantee the performance and life of the case, the safety of electric valves and reliability depends on the electric actuator, so the performance of electric actuators, Part-Turn Electric Actuator control level Is the overall performance of electric valve machine technology level. So in the selection of electric actuators in addition to the basic elements must be considered, the proposed technical requirements to make it possible to maximize the value of electric valve.

Many types of electric actuators, different types and functions of the electric actuators and valves can be called after the electric valve, but often in the design, Part-Turn Electric Actuator selection process only focus on the parameters of the valve ignored or not clear the electric actuator Related requirements, so that not only make the electric valve to play the best performance, but also in the installation, Part-Turn Electric Actuator commissioning, the use of the process will also bring unnecessary trouble, and even to the production of serious consequences.

 Electric actuators as a very important on-site drive in industrial process control systems, widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical and other industries. In the fluid control, such as the valve in the operation of the problem, it will be reflected in the electric actuator. Part-Turn Electric Actuator So it also has an identity - "the protector of the valve", its role is reflected in the normal use of the valve monitoring, which is very important point is the torque protection.

1) The material of the moment spring - the elastic coefficient of the spring plays an important role in the whole process of controlling the torque; the machining precision of the transmission parts - the transmission parts are sure to maintain the relative force balance of the connecting rod, the torque spring and the transmission parts Of the key components. The above two points, on either side, are sufficient to affect the entire over torque control process.

2) mechanical parts in the long-term frequent use of life is relatively short life, Part-Turn Electric Actuator with the use of time lengthened, the occurrence of failure will be higher and higher, while greatly affecting the accuracy of torque control.

3) The installation of the actuator in the field requires the effective adjustment of the position of the transmission and the degree of tightness of the torque spring according to the different required protection torque values. Such mechanical control mode needs to open the lid of the control box part, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the most important The need for professional staff to adjust, Part-Turn Electric Actuator non-professional staff is not easy to grasp, and difficult to adjust accurately, resulting in greater error。