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Part-Turn Electric Actuator Often Use
- May 27, 2017 -

Part-Turn Electric Actuator Electric actuator also known as the valve electric device, it is in different industries in the field of appellation, in the industrial pipeline valve industry is called the valve electric device, in the instrumentation industry called Electric Actuator, but now the industry has no very clear distinction, this article is concerned about the appellation problem will be unified called electric actuator.

Valve in the industrial pipeline control is a frequent use of important equipment, electric valve with the development of industrial automation, Part-Turn Electric Actuator because of its power source is easy to obtain, and generally without the advantages of maintenance, compared to the pneumatic, hydraulic and other different driving modes of equipment use is more common. In industrial occasions, electric valves must have higher reliability and safety, when the valve can guarantee performance and life, Part-Turn Electric Actuator the safety and reliability of the electric valve depends on the electric actuator, so the performance and control level of the electric actuator is the comprehensive performance of the technical level of the electric valve. Therefore, in addition to some essential factors to be considered in the selection of electric actuator, it is necessary to put forward reasonable technical requirements to maximize the value of electric valves.

There are many types of electric actuators, different types and functions of electric actuators and valves can be called electric valves, Part-Turn Electric Actuator but often in the design, selection of the process only pay attention to the parameters of the valve ignored or not clear the relevant requirements of electric actuator, so not only the electric valve can not play the best performance, but also in the installation, commissioning, use process will bring unnecessary trouble, even to produce serious consequences.

The type of valve is quite many, the principle of work is not the same, generally to turn the valve plate angle, lift valve plate and other ways to achieve on-off control, when and electric actuator supporting the first should be based on the type of valve selection of electric actuator.

1. Angular Stroke electric actuator (360 degrees)

Electric actuator output shaft rotation is less than one weeks, that is less than 360 degrees, Part-Turn Electric Actuator usually 90 degrees to achieve valve opening and closing process control. This kind of electric actuator is divided into two kinds: direct-connect type and base crank type according to the different installation interface mode.

A direct-connect: Refers to the electric actuator output shaft and stem directly connected to the form of installation.

b) The base crank type: Refers to the output shaft through the crank and the stem connection form.

This kind of electric actuator is suitable for butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve and so on.

2. Multi-rotary electric Actuator (angle Siam 360 degree)

Electric actuator output shaft rotation is greater than one weeks, that is greater than 360 degrees, the general need more than laps to realize the valve opening and closing process control.

This kind of electric actuator is suitable for gate valve, globe valves and so on.

3. Straight stroke (straight line)

The motion of the output shaft of the electric actuator is a linear motion type, not a rotational form.

This kind of electric actuator is suitable for single seat regulating valve, double seater control valve and so on.