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Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Torque Range
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Switch-type actuator, the valve works in full or off position, the actuator is mounted on the valve spring control seat, and its piston rod is rigidly connected with the piston rod of the valve. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Therefore, the piston movement to drive the valve stem corresponding movement, the piston upward movement top open the valve, downward movement closes the valve, the valve in the full open or the entire off position work. The oil motive is one side action, the hydraulic pressure provides the steam valve the force, the shutoff valve is depends on the spring force. The Executive Body mainly includes oil cylinder, solenoid valve, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator quick unloading valve, isolating valve and so on.

Normal operation, high-pressure oil through the test solenoid valve, into the tank chamber. This pressure is equal to the high-pressure oil pressure of the servo valve supply cylinder, but due to its large area in the tank chamber, it overcomes the spring force and closes the unloading valve. When it is closed, the unloading valve will cut the oil back channel of the high-pressure oil in the cylinder, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator so that the oil pressure is built under the piston of the cylinder. The AST mains pressure is equal to or slightly higher than the pressure sent to the Chamber, thus, when the pressure of this controller is lowered, the control valve is opened, the reverse valve is opened, the chamber pressure is lowered, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator the unloading valve is opened, and the oil in the cylinder piston is put back into the oil and the valve is closed.

The solenoid valve is only used as a 2-bit 2-pass shutoff valve for long distance shut-off valves for regular valve stem activity tests. When the solenoid valve is energized, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator it quickly releases the valve's AST oil pressure, causing the unloading valve to move. The solenoid valve loses power and the valve opens again. In the unit issued a masking signal, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator the system will be leaked to the AST oil pressure, at this time the solenoid valve whether or not the excitation will cause the oil motive to close quickly.

1 when the actuator leaves the set terminal position, the switch indicator flashes at the same time. Only two of the terminal locations are set and exit the Learn state. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator The LEDs can be properly indicated at both ends.

2 when setting a terminal stroke limit, when the fault alarm light (red light) steady, it is beyond the mechanical limit limit or beyond the actuator torque range. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Ask the user to manipulate the executor callback until the fault light is off.

3 when the two terminal position of the executor is set to change a limit setting, you can press the above debugging method, just reset a limit that needs to be changed, without having to reset the two-bit limit at the same time.