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Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Through The Shaft Technology
- Oct 24, 2017 -

The use of industrial-grade microprocessor MCU chip, professional control lines, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator powerful operating procedures, with three patented technology, especially the frequent action-regulated main loop control system, using a sparkless commutation technology to overcome the three-phase AC Contactor contact arc sintered and three-phase solid-state relays are easily punctured to life defects, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator greatly improving the reliability of the product; the use of double-sealed and without through the shaft technology, so that the internal control unit and components in the air with the outside Isolated state, greatly improving the service life and reliability of the control unit. Automatic detection of position and torque of intelligent control technology. Frequent action adjustment motor: S4 working system, the number of starts up to 1200 times / hour, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator built thermal protection switch; switch motor: S2 working system, the number of starts up to 60 times / hour.

Mechanical and electrical integration of the structural design: set reducer, motor, position transmitter, controller in one, user-friendly installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator The intelligent design of the electrical control part greatly expands the function of the actuator, reduces the size of the instrument controller, simplifies the structure of the whole machine, and eliminates the need for many intelligent actuators for valve position tracking Dry batteries. Mechanical power transmission system, all supported by the bearing, and can be extended to extend its life in the synthetic oil, switch-type actuator main drive, the use of hardened hardened steel worm and zinc-aluminum alloy worm gears, the design life of more than 10 million times the number of drivers. Frequently regulated actuator The main drive of the worm wheel with tin bronze, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator the design life of more than 30 million times the number of times.

SID electric actuators are designed to switch and adjust the two, they include a three-phase motor, worm gears, high precision battery without the need for location memory torque sensor and position detection sensor, forward and reverse motor start main circuit control Unit, electronic control, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator protection and monitoring software package, manual operation handwheel and switching device, a variety of forms and valve connection drive sets, large-screen LCD display and local debugging, control knob, standard cable into the line interface and terminal block The

Power supply and logic circuit modules, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator control transformers and fuses are fabricated on a circuit board, connected with plug-in terminals for easy handling.

The main circuit control units are interlocked mechanically or electrically to prevent simultaneous energization of the opening and closing operations and to provide control logic to limit the large current fluctuations due to the rapid forward and reverse rotation of the motor, thereby extending the main circuit control Unit life.

Phase correction circuit, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator automatically detect and correct the three-phase power supply phase sequence, so as to avoid field wiring error caused by the motor running error, and to prevent the loss of a motor when the operation.

The control transformer supplies power from the three-phase power supply to each board, and provides 24V DC power for remote control.