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Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Implementing Agency
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Water, steam or oil and other fluids and industrial development are closely linked, and the application of fluid in the industry can not be separated from the pipe network system, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator there must be a pipe network valve. With the DCS (Distributed Control System) control system development, to achieve the pipe network system of industrial automation management, it is inseparable from the electric valve in the pipe network system implementation agencies. The control of the valve from a simple switch control into the opening control and flow and other relationship control. The valve is not only a purely controlled object, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator and evolved into an important information source for the entire process system, the valve system for the process parameters and fault diagnosis information. This poses a higher demand for the intelligence of the valve actuator. Multi-turn structure so that the actuator stroke can be theoretically infinitely large, in other conditions permit, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator can be set to match any size valve, no mechanical limit and torque switch, no mechanical wear, the use of infrared remote control non-contact debugging technology Open the electronic controller cover for easy and quick setup.

To achieve the pipe network system of industrial automation management, can not be separated from the automatic valve in the pipe network system implementation agencies. In some applications, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator the control of the valve is not only a simple switch control, but also involves the opening control and flow and other relationship control, which the valve electric actuator controller intelligence put forward higher requirements.

If it is in the toxic, explosive or flammable media production site, artificial field control is extremely dangerous. Long-range centralized control is more necessary in such applications.

Based on the above background considerations, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator the program to achieve these ideas, the design of a valve on the installation of intelligent valve control device, which greatly improved the security.

Actuators in the modern production process automation plays a very important role, often referred to as the realization of the production process automation "hand and foot." Multi-Turn On-off Actuator The electric actuator is powered by the energy, and the standard signal (analog or digital) from the regulator is used to automatically change the operating variable by changing the signal to a corresponding mechanical displacement (corner, straight or multi-turn) , Damper, baffle opening, etc.), in order to achieve the parameters (temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, etc.) for the purpose of automatic adjustment, the production process according to the scheduled requirements. So the electric actuator on the automatic adjustment of the safe operation of the system, reliability and quality of the pros and cons have a great impact.