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Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Different Functions
- May 27, 2017 -

Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Electric actuator in the control mode, the common switch-type electric actuator and adjustment-type electric actuator Two, many customers do not understand the switch type and adjust the different, its main difference is the valve switch control function is different.

1. Switch Type electric actuator

Switch-type electric actuator is also known as Open-loop control-type electric actuator, this actuator in the implementation of valve operation only open, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator close two movements, that is, only the valve in full or closed state. The switch type electric actuator cannot control the amplitude of the valve switch, and it can not control the medium flow accurately.

The structure of the switch type electric actuator is divided into two kinds: the structure of the motor and the body structure. The switch type electric actuator of the split structure must be equipped with the control unit to complete the control operation, so it is not convenient for the whole system to install, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator and the investment cost is larger and the failure rate is high, which is not conducive to diagnosis and maintenance. All-in-one Electric Actuator is the combination of the control unit and the electric actuator, and the operation of the valve can be done without the need of the control unit. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Integrated electric actuator Support remote control, as long as the electric actuator output control information, it can complete its own operation task.

2. Adjustable type electric Actuator

The regulation type electric actuator is also called the closed loop control electric actuator, this kind of actuator besides has the control function to the valve switch, also can carry on the precise control to the valve opening quantity, in order to achieve the accurate control to the medium flow. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Adjustable electric actuator In the work form, divided into electric-open electric actuator and electric power off type actuator.

The working control signal of electric-open electric actuator and electric power-off type actuator is different, the working form of electric actuator should be determined in the selection, otherwise it is unsuitable to be fitted in the control system, and it is difficult to modify it.

The regulation type electric actuator is provided with the signal loss protection, when the actuator is unable to receive the signal because of the line fault or other reason, it will open and close the control valve to the established state, usually the valve is full, closed or kept in place.