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Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Accelerated Development
- Aug 07, 2017 -

With the development of science and technology, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator automation equipment has been accelerating the development. Each of the industrial areas out of the traditional operations to upgrade to automatic control. Each valve is also the valve from the process valve to the instrument valve conversion, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator instrumentation valve is the need for the previous process design and calculation of the appropriate choice of the implementing agencies and valves in order to ensure the use of the late. Next Xiaobian tell us about the classification and selection of the implementing agencies

The most widely defined definition for an actuator is a drive that provides linear or rotational motion, which utilizes electricity or gas as the driving energy and operates under a control signal such as current or voltage to achieve the opening of the valve. Although most of the actuators are used to switch valves, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator today's actuators are designed to go beyond simple switching functions, including position sensing devices, torque sensing devices, electrode protection devices, logic control devices, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator digital communication modules And PID control module, etc., and these devices are all installed in a compact shell.

Because more and more plants use automated control, manual operation is replaced by mechanical or automated equipment, requiring the actuator to act as an interface between the control system and the mechanical movement of the valve, requiring the actuator to enhance work safety performance and Environmental protection performance. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator In some dangerous situations, automated actuator devices can reduce the damage of personnel. Some special valves require emergency opening or closure in exceptional circumstances, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator and the valve actuator prevents further spread of the risk and minimizes plant losses. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator For some high-pressure large-diameter valves, the required actuator output torque is very large, then the required actuator must improve the mechanical efficiency and the use of high-output motor, so smooth operation of large diameter valves.

In order to successfully automate the process, the most important thing is to ensure that the valve itself can meet the process and the special requirements of the medium within the pipeline. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Usually the production process and process media can determine the type of valve, the type of spool and trim and valve structure and materials.

After the valve is selected, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator it is necessary to consider the requirements of the automation. The actuator can be considered simply by two basic valve operating types.

1, rotary valve (single rotary valve), such valves include: plug valve, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator and the damper or baffle. This type of valve requires the required torque to carry out the 90 degree rotation operation of the actuator

2, multi-turn valve, this type of valve can be non-rotating lift stem or rotating non-lifting rod, or that they need to turn the operation to drive the valve to open or close position. Multi-Turn On-off Actuator Such valves include: through the valve (cut-off valve), gate valve, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator knife gate valve. As an option, the linear output of the pneumatic or liquid cylinder or film actuator also opens to drive the valve.

There are currently four types of actuators, Multi-Turn On-off Actuator they can use different driving energy, can operate various types of valves.