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Multi-Turn Electric Actuator Very Necessary
- Jun 13, 2017 -

With the rapid development of microelectronics, computer, communication network technology and electromechanical integration technology, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the intelligent electric actuator has appeared in the world since the 90 's. It is a new intelligent terminal execution component with microprocessor. Since then, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the intelligent has formed the general trend of the development of actuators, as soon as possible to understand the development of intelligent electric actuators is very necessary.

The automatic regulation system of industrial production process consists of detector, regulator, actuator and adjusting object. The actuators are always indispensable, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator usually composed of actuators and regulators (commonly known as regulator valves). In addition, in accordance with the need to also be equipped with valve positioner and handwheel mechanism and other accessories.

Actuators play an important role in the automation of modern production processes, often referred to as "siblings" in the process of automating production processes. The electric actuator takes electric energy as the power, accepts the standard signal (analog or digital) from the regulator, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator and turns the signal into a corresponding mechanical displacement (corner, a straight line or many turn) to automatically change the operating variables (regulating valve, throttle, baffle opening, etc.) to achieve the adjusted parameters (temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, etc.) for automatic adjustment purposes, so that the production process in accordance with the scheduled requirements. So the electric actuator has great influence on the safety operation, reliability and quality of the automatic regulation system.

Compared with pneumatic, hydraulic actuator, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator electric actuator has 3 advantages:

(1) No special gas source and air purification devices. Even if the power is lost, the original execution position can be maintained;

(2) long-distance transmission signal, cable laying more convenient than the pipe and liquid pipeline laying, and convenient line inspection;

(3) Easy to connect with the computer, more suitable for the adoption of electronic information technology.

DKJ type electric actuator and its insufficiency

The electric actuator has angular stroke and line stroke. The Dkj type angular stroke electric actuator is the executive unit of-type electric unit combination instrument, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator and is a typical product of traditional electric actuator. It is mainly composed of servo amplifier and actuator, and accepts the unified standard current signal from adjusting unit, transmitting unit or manual operator output, and converts it into corresponding mechanical displacement output.

Although the DKJ type electric actuator has the more application in each industry department, but it has the insufficiency, mainly has the following points:

(1) The product specification variety is unitary, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator and only one kind of displacement speed, cannot satisfy some complex system request;

(2) No torque protection and stroke switch, although the motor can be blocked, but its torque (or torque) has been applied to the valve or production equipment, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator so that the valve or production equipment easily damaged and reduce the service life;

(3) The brake is easy to wear, capacitance breakdown problem is also greater, the average fault interval (MTBF) is around 10000h;

(4) The machine can not be self-locking, increasing the reliability of the brake requirements.