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Multi-Turn Electric Actuator The Characteristics Of The
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Electric actuators are widely classified in the industrial pipeline valve industry called the valve electric actuators, in the instrument industry called remote control smart electric actuators, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator but now the industry has no clear distinction. Corner travel, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator straight travel and multi-turn electric actuators are classified according to movement. The actuator is a drive that provides linear or rotary motion, which utilizes some kind of drive energy and operates under some control signal, regardless of which class has its own characteristics.

Angle travel and straight-stroke electric actuators are mostly based on multi-turn transformation: the multi-turn electric actuator based on the worm with a two-stage gearbox 0 to 90 ° Multi-Turn Electric Actuator angle travel electric actuator , For the control of ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves and shutters and the like angle of the valve; together with the screw components straight into the electric actuator, the output is the force, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator resulting in displacement, mainly for the gate valve and slide valve.

Multi-turn electric actuator: need to run more than 360 ° to achieve the valve opening and closing, mainly for the valve, pipe valve and diaphragm valve; commonly used in supporting a variety of valves constitute electric valve or electric control valve (for example: Valves, single-seat valve and other linear motion of the valve); AC AC or DC DC for the driving energy; according to the action is divided into two categories (electric switch type and electric adjustment type).

The advantages of electric actuator is easy access to energy, signal transmission speed, transmission distance, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator easy centralized control, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator high sensitivity and accuracy, with the electric adjustment instrument with easy, easy installation and wiring.

 The shortcomings of the electric actuator is a complex structure, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the average failure rate is higher than the pneumatic remote control intelligent electric device, suitable for explosion-proof requirements are not high, lack of gas sources.