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Multi-Turn Electric Actuator Quick Setup
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Water, steam or oil and other fluids are closely related to industrial development, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator and the application of fluids in industry is inseparable from the pipe network system, there must be a pipe network valve. With the development of DCS (Distributed control System) control system, it is necessary to realize the industrial automation management of the pipe network system, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator and it is the actuator in the pipe network system of the electric valve. The control of the valve also from the simple switch control to the opening control and the flow of various relations control. The valve is not only a simple controlled object, but also an important information source of the whole process system, which provides the process parameter and fault diagnosis information for the process system. This is a higher requirement for the intelligence of the control system of valve electric actuator. Multi-rotating structure makes the actuator travel theoretically infinitely large, under other conditions, you can set up a valve with any size, no mechanical limit and torque switch, no mechanical wear, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the use of infrared remote control non-contact debugging technology does not need to open the electronic controller cover can be simple and rapid settings.

In order to realize the industrial automation management of pipe network system, it is inseparable from the actuator of automatic valve network system. In some applications, the control of the valve is not only a simple switch control, but also related to the opening control and the flow of various relations control, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator which the valve electric actuator Controller of the intelligence of higher requirements.

In the case of toxic, explosive or flammable Media production site, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator manual site control is extremely dangerous. Long-distance centralized control is more necessary in such applications.

Actuators play an important role in the automation of modern production processes, often referred to as "siblings" to automate production processes. The electric actuator is powered by electricity and receives standard signals (analog or digital) from the regulator. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator By turning this signal into a corresponding mechanical displacement (corner, straight line or multiple turn) to automatically change the operating variables (regulating valve, throttle, baffle opening, etc.) to achieve the adjusted parameters (temperature, pressure, flow, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator liquid level, etc.) The purpose of automatic adjustment, so that the production process according to the predetermined requirements. So the electric actuator has great influence on the safety operation, reliability and quality of the automatic regulation system.

Valves are widely used in various fields. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator The oil and gas industry is now and will continue to be the largest buyer, followed by refineries, electricity and chemical industries. The municipal sewage treatment plant ranked fifth, followed by pulp and paper industry, and urban water supply. has been widely used in several other industries. They are the food industry, the steel industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the remaining industries are: metals, mining and semiconductors. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator In various types of valves, automatic control valve is the largest proportion, will account for more than 20% of the market share. With the development of industrial automation, the traditional manual mechanical adjustment methods in many cases no longer apply, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator to realize the pipe network system of industrial automation management, can not be separated from the automatic valve in the pipe network system of the Executive Body.