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Multi-Turn Electric Actuator Implementing Agency
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Electric actuators, also known as electric actuators. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator It is a drive that provides linear or rotational motion, which utilizes some kind of drive energy and works under some kind of control signal.

Advantages are easy access to energy, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator signal transmission speed, transmission distance, easy centralized control, high sensitivity and accuracy, with the electric adjustment instrument with easy, easy installation and wiring.

Relative to the hydraulic and pneumatic type of the same functional products, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator electric actuators cost-effective. The electric actuator (electric push rod / cylinder) is more clean, easier to operate, more energy efficiency, the user can benefit. The integrated design of the electric actuator is easier to program and maintain minimal maintenance effort, except in extreme conditions, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator without the need to replace the lubrication parts.

The disadvantage is the complex structure, small thrust, the average failure rate is higher than the pneumatic actuator, suitable for explosion-proof requirements are not high, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator lack of gas places. main feature

1, the integration of structural design, position transmitter and servo amplifier as two independent components can be directly into the implementation of the internal, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator directly accept the 4-20mA control signal, the output 4-20mA or 1-5VDC valve position feedback signal, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator With self-diagnostic function, use and adjustment is very convenient.

2, functional modular structure design, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator through a combination of different optional features, from simple to complex control to meet the different application requirements.

3, simple structure, small size, light weight, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator easy to install and maintain, all mechanical parts used CNC machining production, technology skills.

4, the transmission of all small backlash sealed gear, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator with high efficiency, low noise, long life, stable and reliable, no need to refuel and so on.

5, with a variety of operating speed, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator to meet the requirements of a variety of control systems to ensure the system's rapid response and stability.

6, PSL series with the valve connection using flexible coil spring connection, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator to avoid the stem and the output shaft to the shaft to bring the impact of the valve can be preset to ensure the reliability of the valve to ensure reliable shut down to prevent leakage.

7, the drive motor using high-performance rare earth magnetic materials produced by high-speed synchronous motor, running smoothly. With a small size, torque, anti-blocking, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator high precision control.

8, can be set to adjust the section, that is, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator by a regulator output of the dual time proportional signal control of two actuators (4-12mA corresponding to the PSL1 fully open fully closed, 12-20mA corresponding PSL2 full open closed).

9, the valve position feedback element using fully sealed high-precision multi-turn potentiometer, with small size, high precision, dead zone, long service life and so on.

10, adjustable travel, easy to connect with the valve.

11, all electrical components are used in the world famous brand products, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator reliable quality, long service life.

12, electrical parts wiring rigorous and completely separated from the transmission parts, improve the operational reliability of the implementing agencies.

PS series of electrical parts wiring rigorous and completely separated from the transmission parts to improve the reliability of the actuator operation, transmission parts using CNC processing of small backlash sealed gear drive, with high efficiency, low noise, long life, stable and reliable, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator ot because of the process environment, such as the media entrance force fluctuations caused by the implementation of institutional resonance and so on.