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Multi-Turn Electric Actuator General Trend
- Jul 07, 2017 -

With the rapid development of microelectronics, computer, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator communication network technology and mechatronics technology, since the 1990s, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator there have been intelligent electric actuators in the world. It is a new type of intelligent terminal implementation with a microprocessor. Since then, the smart has formed the general trend of the development of actuators, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator as soon as possible to understand the development of intelligent electric actuators is necessary.

Industrial production process Automatic adjustment system is generally composed of detectors, regulators, actuators and adjustment objects. Which is always indispensable actuator, generally by the implementing agencies and regulatory agencies (commonly known as the control valve) composition. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator In addition, according to need can also be equipped with valve positioner and hand wheel mechanism and other accessories.

Actuators in the modern production process automation plays a very important role, often referred to as the realization of the production process automation "hand and foot." The electric actuator is powered by an electric power, which receives the standard signal (analog or digital) from the regulator and automatically changes the operating variable by changing the signal to a corresponding mechanical displacement (corner, straight or multi-turn) , Damper, baffle opening, etc.), in order to achieve the parameters (temperature, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator pressure, flow, level, etc.) for the purpose of automatic adjustment, the production process according to the scheduled requirements. So the electric actuator on the automatic adjustment of the safe operation of the system, reliability and quality of the pros and cons have a great impact.

Relative to the pneumatic, hydraulic actuators, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the electric actuator has three main advantages:

(1) no special gas and air purification equipment. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator Even if the power loss, but also to maintain the original execution position;

(2) can be long-distance transmission of signals, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator cable laying than the trachea and liquid piping laying much more convenient, and easy to check the line;

(3) easy connection with the computer simple and more adaptable to the use of electronic information technology.

Electric actuators have angular travel and line travel. DKJ-type angle travel electric actuator is DDZ-II-type electric unit combination of the implementation of the unit, is a typical product of traditional electric actuators. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator It is mainly composed of two parts of the servo amplifier and actuator to accept the unified standard current signal from the adjustment unit, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the transmission unit or the manual operator output, and convert it into the corresponding mechanical displacement output.

Although the DKJ electric actuators in the industrial sector have more applications, but it is inadequate, mainly in the following:

(1) product specifications varieties than a single, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator and only one displacement speed, can not meet some complex system requirements;

(2) there is no torque protection and stroke switch, although the motor can be stalled, but its torque (or torque) has been applied to the valve or production equipment, so that the valve or production equipment easily damaged and reduce the service life;

(3) the brake is easy to wear, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the breakdown of the capacitor is also larger, the average failure interval (MTBF) is about 10000h;

(4) can not be self-locking in the machine, increasing the reliability requirements for the brake.