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Multi-Turn Electric Actuator Driving Effect
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Electric actuators in the market called a lot, it is easy to confuse, in fact, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator this is based on industry classification. In the valve industry classification, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the electric actuator called the valve electric device, referred to as electric devices, and valve industry practitioners will be referred to as Denso. In the instrumentation industry classification, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator belonging to a kind of actuator, so called electric actuator or electric actuator.

Baidu Encyclopedia is widely defined as: a can provide a straight or rotary motion of the drive device, which uses a certain drive energy and work under the action of a certain control signal. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator The actuator uses liquid, gas, electricity, or other energy sources and converts it into a drive by means of a motor, cylinder, or other device.

In the valve industry, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator this statement is more specific: valve electric device is to achieve the valve program control, automatic control and remote control indispensable drive equipment, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the movement process can be travel, torque or axial thrust to control the size. As the valve operating characteristics and utilization of the valve depends on the type of valve, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the device work and the valve in the pipeline or equipment on the location.

Through the understanding of the above definition, we know that electric actuators in real life is widely used, such as: electricity, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator paper, sewage treatment and other industries. Through the electric drive valve and similar equipment, in order to complete the human can not and the task, such as: excessive torque requirements or the valve in a harsh environment.

Electric actuators are generally divided into four categories: multi-turn electric device, part of the rotary electric device, straight trip electric actuator, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator angle travel electric actuator. This is based on the way the electric actuator operates. Because the operation of valves or similar equipment determines the way the electric actuator operates.

Such as gate valves, shut-off valves, etc. need to turn the circle to achieve the valve opening or closing, so they are multi-turn class of valves, with such a valve on the need for multi-turn electric device.

Such as butterfly valves, ball valves, etc. only need to turn 90 ° Multi-Turn Electric Actuator to achieve the valve opening or closing, so they are part of the rotary valve, you need to use part of the rotary electric device.

Such as single-seat valve, double seat valve, sleeve valve is a straight stroke valve, that is generally in the straight-line reciprocating motion (including the use of spiral movement) of the valve, you need straight with electric actuators.

Although the actuator is operated in many ways, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the straight runner and the multi-turn electric device can be switched by means of technical means. Similarly, the angular travel electric actuator also partially converts the electric device by adding or subtracting the arm.

For the multi-turn electric device, part of the rotary electric device, angle trip electric actuator three, the most important parameter is the torque, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the unit is N.m. The opening or closing of the valve requires the moment to act on the top, if the torque is small, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator it may lead to can not turn off, can not open.

The most important parameter for a straight-stroke electric actuator is force, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the unit is N. The same force if the small will cause the valve can not be opened or closed.