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Multi-Turn Electric Actuator Definition Of The Institution
- May 27, 2017 -

Multi-Turn Electric Actuator Electric actuator In the market is a lot of, it is easy to confuse people, in fact, this is based on industry classification. In the valve industry classification, the electric actuator is called the valve electric device, referred to as the electric device, and the valve industry practitioners in the abbreviation for the electrical installation. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator In the instrumentation industry classification, belongs to an executor, so called electric actuator or electric actuator.

Definition of electric Actuator

Baidu Encyclopedia is widely defined as a driving device that provides a linear or rotational motion that uses some kind of drive energy and works under some sort of control signal. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator The actuator uses liquids, gases, electricity or other energy and converts it into a driving force by means of a motor, cylinder, or other device.

In the valve industry This expression is more specific: valve electric device is the realization of valve programmable, automatic control and remote control of the indispensable driving equipment, its movement process can be the stroke, torque or axial thrust size to control. Because the operating characteristics and utilization of the valve electric device depend on the type of valve, the working specification of the device and the position of the valve on the pipeline or equipment.

Through the understanding of the above definition, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator we know that electric actuators are widely used in real life, such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, sewage treatment and so on. Through the power-driven valves and similar equipment, so as to complete the tasks of manpower can not, such as: torque requirements too large or the poor environment of the valve

How to choose the right electric actuator

How to choose a suitable electric device? From the point of view of our electric device sales, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator what parameters do we need to determine what kind of electric actuator the customer needs? Here's a detailed explanation:

Of course, the simplest is that the customer directly to provide electric actuator model, is the easiest to determine, but there is a problem, the market on the electric actuator Model a lot, and thus for the comparison between the products caused some trouble.