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Multi-Turn Electric Actuator Definition And Requirements
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Electric actuators, also known as electric actuators. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator It is a drive that provides linear or rotational motion, which utilizes some kind of drive energy and works under some kind of control signal.

Advantages are easy access to energy, signal transmission speed, transmission distance, easy centralized control, high sensitivity and accuracy, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator with the electric adjustment instrument with easy, simple installation wiring.

Relative to the hydraulic and pneumatic type of the same functional products, electric actuators cost-effective. The electric actuator (electric push rod / cylinder) is more clean, easier to operate, more energy efficiency, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the user can benefit. The integrated design of the electric actuator is easier to program control and minimize maintenance effort, except in extreme conditions, without the need to replace the lubrication parts.

According to the use of the selected valve operating conditions to determine whether the electric actuator is adjustable or switch type. We know that under normal circumstances, the electric control valve used to adjust the type of actuator; electric gate valve, globe valve used in the actuator for the switch type. But the type of valve is not the only determinant of the selection of electric actuators. Multi-Turn Electric Actuator When we choose to use a regulated or switch-type electric actuator for an electric valve, the frequency of use of the valve in the unit time determines which electric Actuator. For example, the use of remote manual control of the control valve to say, you can also use the switch-type electric actuator. In the past, electric actuators were strictly divided into switch-type electric devices and adjustable type of electric actuators, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator so our country still has the corresponding national standards for such products have a strict definition and requirements. But with a large number of imported, imported electric actuators into the market, as well as the continuous improvement of the level of automation, electric actuators continue to the standardization, modular, intelligent change, the current market of electric actuators are mainly switched-type electric And adjustable electric actuators. Switch type electric actuators are commonly used products in the past, such as ZZ series of Changzhou Power Station auxiliary plant, DZW series of Yangzhou electric power repair factory, all use 15 min short working system, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator the allowable starting frequency is usually '100 times, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator Applicable to the request is not high, the action is not frequent on the two-valve, because it has a large power, low cost, better reliability advantages, is still widely used in power plants. In recent years, some manufacturers are also based on the old products, have extended the development of an integrated electric device, and according to the need to provide 4 ~ 2O mA feedback current signal, Multi-Turn Electric Actuator such as Changzhou Power Station auxiliary plant ZB integration series. Although the price of the old product has increased, but for the power plant to provide more types of control valve electric actuator.