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Innovation Helps Hengchun Electronic Gene Mutation
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Reporter learned from the relevant departments, by the Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. developed the "electro-hydraulic linkage executive body" is to declare the national scientific and technological achievements into the project, to the EU for CE certification also received, Yangzhou Hengchun electronic and get a Zhang entered the European market "passport." Wind and rain for twenty years, a start from the public telephone billing, business accounted for half of the market, the transformation of Nirvana, became the leader in intelligent valve electric actuator, not only replace the global industry, "Boss" products, to achieve intelligent valve electric Institutions and localization, but also into the EU, Southeast Asian markets, Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics, how to challenge the gas dare to challenge the global "boss"? Chairman Jiang Chengyu said, "innovation as Hengchun electronic gene."