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Hengchun Electronic Intelligent Electric Actuator Manufacturing Experts
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Recently, Yangzhou High-tech Zone Hengchun Electronics ckd series of electric actuators through the German Delein tüv functional safety certification, the field of electric actuators the world's third, China's first enterprise to obtain this certification. The world's highest level of certification marks the Hengchun Electronics to get open and enter the European market passport, but also marks the Hengchun product quality has entered the international top ranks.

Electric actuator is an indispensable part of industrial process control system, Hengchun electronic ckd series intelligent electric actuator is specifically for the valve or damper and other local and remote control of automation equipment. This product is widely used in petroleum systems, power systems, chemical systems, water systems and other fields, especially in power, oil and other fields. These areas of the valve actuator requirements are very high, before the advent of Hengchun products, PetroChina, Sinopec and other domestic "big brother" in the choice of valve control equipment are imported foreign products.