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Electric Actuator Should Pay Attention To The Purchase Of The Problem
- Oct 31, 2016 -

1, according to the selected electrical actuators to determine the electrical parameters for different electrical actuator manufacturers of electrical parameters vary, so the design selection are generally required to determine its electrical parameters, mainly motor power, rated current, secondary control loop voltage And so on, often in this regard negligence, the results control system and the electric actuator parameters do not match the resulting time and space open trip, fuse blown, thermal overload relay protection take-off and other failures are like.

2, according to the torque required to determine the torque of the electric actuator The torque required to open and close the valve determines the electric actuator to choose how much the output torque, the general proposed by the user or the valve manufacturers own matching, as the actuator manufacturers Only the actuator output torque is responsible for the normal valve opening and closing torque required by the valve caliber size, working pressure and other factors, but the valve manufacturers processing accuracy, the assembly process is different, so different manufacturers with the specifications of the valve Need to torque is also different, even with the same valve manufacturers produce the same specifications of the valve torque is also different, elected when the actuator torque is too small will cause the valve can not be properly opened and closed, so the electric actuator must choose a reasonable Torque range.