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Analysis Of 'Porter 's Five - Force Model' For Competitiveness Of Electric Actuator
- Oct 31, 2016 -

China's electric actuator market has been basically the formation of state-owned, collective, joint ventures, shares and private co-existence of the private sector situation. With the increase in the number of enterprises engaged in the industry, most enterprises are limited by R & D and technical level. In the fierce market competition, compared with domestic and foreign brand enterprises, the competitiveness is still insufficient. Foreign actuators in various fields of the important aspects of the process has a considerable proportion of applications, West Boss, Sina International, Rotork, Bernard, Omar occupy a large domestic market. With the national level of industrial equipment to enhance the level of support, domestic manufacturers in the technology research and development and competition with foreign brands continue to improve, Chongqing Sichuan Instrument, Shanghai Automation Instrumentation, Yangzhou Power Equipment, Shenzhen and other enterprises are more information than foreign Product better cost-effective, better service system to occupy the domestic high-end market.