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Analysis Of Domestic Electric Actuator Market
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Electric actuator sales model is different from the sales model of civilian products, low-end first, second and third categories of target customers to the basic valve factory, usually in the enterprise's price, production capacity to determine the speed of development, development Speed, and parts production to form a local industry chain mode of production, low price advantage to quickly seize the low-end electric valve market, the fourth category of enterprise sales model is very different, mainly to run directly to end customers, usually sales The cost will increase substantially, and the sales cycle is longer, the threshold of intervention in the end customers will be high, not only to compete with imported products and domestic enterprises but also competition, thus forming a polarized, capital adequacy of enterprises and enterprises just entering the market The formation of a large gap, coupled with the psychological conditions of large enterprises are still relatively new to accept new things, so a large number of small businesses are not well developed.

The market should be fair, we can participate in the formation of the market for China, such a specific market environment, how to better products to market worthy of the small number of small business owners to think carefully, out of the basic products are mature technology products , Why can not participate in the normal market competition, which is a lot of small businesses are very troubled by the problem. Hope that more small businesses to participate in market competition, to break the traditional sales model, so that more small businesses can get development opportunities.