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Precautions for Electric Actuators
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Before the power, must be visual inspection and insulation inspection, power circuit (arc circuit) and signal contacts on the shell insulation, measured with a 500V megger maximum of not less than 20MΩ: the signal input, the output circuit and their power Between the circuit insulation, in addition to special requirements, should not be less than l0mΩ qualified before power. After power on, check the transformer, motor and electronic circuit components such as overheating, whether there is noise rotating parts, abnormal phenomena should be immediately cut off the power to identify the cause. Do not identify the cause, do not easily solder the next component. Replace the electronic components, should prevent the temperature is too high, damage components. Replace the FET and integrated circuits must be electric iron beast be grounded, or from the power to use waste heat for welding. When disassembling components, components, or soldering wires, mark them accordingly. Should be made to avoid the seized equipment output circuit open, to avoid being seized in the input signal when the power failure. After the maintenance of equipment must be verified. For the dry motor, check the insulation resistance between the coil and the coil. Inspect the DC coil of the coil, clean the bearing and add the high-quality lubricant. Check the rotor, stator coil and brake. For the decelerator to disassemble and clean the parts, Planetary gear section, check the helical gear section of the case, check the turbine or screw rod screw nut engagement, and finally the assembly, adjustment and lengthened efficiency Keng base grease. For the position sensor part to be visual inspection, check the potentiometer and the travel control coaxial connection, check the potentiometer basic situation, check the potentiometer and the connection between the amplifier board.