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Electric multi - turn actuator
- Oct 31, 2016 -

At present, there are two types of electric actuators, generally divided into part of the rotary electric actuator (Part-Turn Electric Valve Actuator), and multi-turn electric actuator (Multi-Turn Electric Valve Actuator), the former mainly need to control part of the rotary valve Such as ball valves, butterfly valves, etc., which require more than a few turns of the valve rotation, such as gate valve.

Power-driven multi-turn actuators are one of the most common and reliable actuator types. Use a single or three phase motor to drive the gear or worm to drive the stem nut, which causes movement of the valve stem to open or close the valve. Multi-turn electric actuator can quickly drive large-size valves. In order to protect the valve is not damaged, installed in the end of the valve stroke limit switch will cut off the motor power, and when the safety torque is exceeded, the torque sensing device will cut off the motor power, position switch for indicating the valve switch status, The handwheel mechanism for the clutch unit can be used to manually operate the valve in the event of a power failure.

The main advantage of this type of actuator is that all components are housed in a housing that incorporates all basic and advanced functions in this waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof enclosure. The main drawback is that the valve can only remain in place when the power supply fails, and the fail-safe position of the valve can only be achieved with a standby power system (fault open or fault closed)