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Electric actuators predict maintenance
- Oct 31, 2016 -

The operator can use the built-in data memory to record the data of the torque sensing device when the valve is actuated. This data can be used to monitor the status of the valve. It can be used to indicate whether the valve needs servicing or can be used to diagnose the valve.

For the valve can diagnose the following data:

1. Valve seal or packing friction

2. Stem, valve bearing friction torque

3. seat friction

4. Friction in valve operation

5. The dynamic force of the spool

6. Stem thread friction

7. Stem position

Most of the above data exist in all types of valves, but the focus is different, for example: for butterfly valves, the valve is running the friction is negligible, but the force for the plug valve is very large. Different valves have different torque curve, for example: wedge-type rice, the opening and closing torque is very large, the other stroke is only filler friction and thread friction, closed, the liquid static pressure acting on the gate to increase The friction of the valve seat, the final wedge effect so that the rapid increase in torque until the closure in place. Therefore, according to the change of the torque curve can predict the failure will occur, can provide valuable information for predictive maintenance.