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Electric actuators differ from conventional equipment
- Oct 31, 2016 -

From the traditional point of view, the cylinder and the electric actuator has been considered to belong to two completely different areas of automation products, with the continuous improvement of the degree of electrification, electric actuators are slowly immersed in the aerodynamic field, both in the application of both Competition and complement each other. In this issue, we compare the advantages of the cylinder and the electric actuator in terms of technical performance, purchase and application costs, energy efficiency, applications, and market conditions.

Technical performance comparison

As we all know, compared to the electric actuator, the cylinder can work reliably under harsh conditions, and the operation is simple, basically can realize maintenance-free. Cylinders are good for reciprocating linear motion, especially for industrial automation in the most transfer requirements - the workpiece linear handling. Moreover, only a one-way throttle valve installed on both sides of the cylinder can be adjusted to achieve a stable speed control simply, also become the biggest characteristic and advantage of the cylinder drive system. Therefore, there is no multi-point positioning requirements of the user, the vast majority from the use of convenience point of view is more inclined to use the cylinder industry field use of electric actuators most of the applications require high-precision multi-point positioning, which is difficult to achieve with the cylinder, The second best result.

The electric actuator is mainly used for rotating and swinging conditions. The advantage is fast response time, through the feedback system on the speed, position and torque for precise control. But when the need to complete the linear motion, the need to drive through the toothed belt or screw and other mechanical devices, so the structure is relatively complex, but also the work environment and operation and maintenance personnel have a high professional knowledge requirements.

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