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Electric actuator continuous control
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Continuous control

If the actuator is required to control the level, flow, or pressure of the process system, this is a requirement for frequent actuation of the actuator. A 4-20 mA signal may be used as the control signal. However, this signal may be as frequent as the process change. If you need very high frequency action of the implementing agencies, only to select a special can frequently start and stop the regulator-type actuator. When multiple actuators are required in a process, the actuators can be connected using a digital communication system, which greatly reduces installation costs. Digital communication loop can be quickly and efficiently transfer instructions and collect information. There are a variety of communication methods such as: FOUNDATIONFIELDBUS, PROFIBUS, DEVICENET, HART and designed for the valve actuator PAKSCAN and so on. Digital communication systems can not only reduce investment costs, they can also collect a large number of valve information, the information for the valve predictive maintenance program is very valuable.