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Electric Actuator Components
- Oct 31, 2016 -

Electric motors

Motor is a special single-phase or three-phase AC induction motor with high starting torque, low starting current and small moment of inertia, which has good servo characteristics. When the motor overheat (internal temperature exceeds 130 ℃), the switch will control the motor circuit to open to protect the motor and the implementing agencies, in the motor stator is equipped with a thermal switch (see Figure 3) When the motor is switched on after the motor is switched on, the circuit resumes operation. In order to overcome the inertia lazy to go, regulated electric actuator motor control circuit has an electric braking function.


The rotary actuator adopts planetary deceleration plus worm gear transmission mechanism, which has high mechanical efficiency and mechanical self-locking characteristic. Straight trip actuators of the reducer by the multi-turn actuator reducer coupled with the screw nut transmission device.

Torque limiter

It is a standard unit installed in the reducer, the over-torque protection mechanism, travel control mechanism (electrical limit), position sensors and terminals and other components.