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Brief Introduction of Electric Actuator
- Oct 31, 2016 -

The basic actuator is used to drive the valve to full open or fully closed position. The actuators used to control the valves accurately position the valve in any position. Although most actuators are used to open and close valves, today's actuators are designed to go far beyond simple switching functions. They include position sensing, torque sensing, electrode protection, logic control, digital communication And PID control module, and these devices are all installed in a compact enclosure.

Because more and more factories are using automatic control, manual operation is replaced by mechanical or automation equipment, the actuator is required to act as an interface between the control system and the mechanical movement of the valve. It also requires the implementing agency to enhance the work safety performance and Environmental protection performance. In some hazardous situations, the automation of the actuator device can reduce the harm.

Some special valves require emergency opening or closing under special circumstances, the valve actuator can prevent the risk of further proliferation of plant losses at the same time to minimize. For some high-pressure large-diameter valves, the required actuator output torque is very large, then the implementing agencies must improve the mechanical efficiency and the use of high-output motor, so as to smooth the operation of large diameter valves. For some small torque valves, fine small electric valve is also applied to health, compared to ordinary type with a light weight, compact structure, full-featured and so on.

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