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Advantages of Electric Actuator
- Oct 31, 2016 -

The main advantage of the electric actuator is a high degree of stability and the user can apply a constant thrust, the maximum actuator thrust can be as high as 225000kgf, can achieve such a large thrust only hydraulic actuators, hydraulic actuators cost more than electric Much higher.

The anti-deviation ability of the electric actuator is very good, the output of the thrust or torque is basically constant, can be a good medium to overcome the imbalance force, to achieve accurate control of process parameters, so the control accuracy than pneumatic actuators high. If equipped with a servo amplifier, you can easily achieve the exchange of positive and negative effects, you can easily set off signal valve position (keep / fully open / fully closed), and failure must stay in place, which is Pneumatic actuators do not, pneumatic actuators must rely on a combination of protection systems to achieve protection.